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Mental Health Disabilities

While there are many impairments and symptoms which may qualify you for disability, mental health problems can be the most debilitating, but also the most difficult to demonstrate. A mental health impairment can make it difficult to function in activities of normal life, much less work. So, if you have a mental health impairment that prevents you from working, you may have an especially high chance of qualifying for disability. Here are some mental health impairments that the SSA recognizes:

Manic Depressive Syndrome
Personality Disorders
Mental Retardation
Autistic Disorder, or other pervasive developmental disorders

Mental health disorders caused by addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other substances will disqualify you from receiving disability benefits unless those conditions have become permanent as evidenced by the fact that they persist after you have been free from all drugs and alcohol for a significant period of time. But if you have a substance abuse disorder, and the disorder worsens your other mental health impairment, you will not automatically be disqualified for social security benefits. If you have any of the above impairments, you may have an especially strong case for disability. Fill out the free evaluation on the rigth hand side and one of our Social Security Attorneys will contact you, or call and we can help you decide if a disability application is right for you.

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