Your hearing is your best chance to get approved for disability benefits. Only about 30% of applicants are approved at the initial level. But most people we help get approved.

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Our Boise Social Security Attorney firm are experts on ALJ disability hearings. The Social Security ALJ Disability Hearing is what is called a “De Novo”  review of your disability application. This means you get a new opportunity to present your case and the ALJ (Social Security Administrative Law Judge) is not bound by anything the Disability Determination Services (“DDS”) found when they reviewed your initial application and your reconsideration. You need to submit additional evidence and make an argument in person to explain why you deserve Social Security Disability benefits.

Social security disability attorney consultation The Social Security hearing is when you truly need good representation. Our advocates for the disabled will help you properly present your case to the judge and  explain discrepancies, omissions, or gaps in your medical records, etc. The good news is that, with representation, as many as 75-80% of claimants are approved at the hearing level. The bad news is that in Idaho there is currently a waiting period of up to 11 months from the date you request a hearing before you will have your hearing, although this can vary widely.

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At your Social Security hearing, you will likely have a vocational expert there to testify as to what jobs you should still be qualified to do given your limitations. An experienced disability lawyers knows how to address the experts recommendations and make sure they are using the proper assumptions when they make their recommendations.

In addition, while you are waiting for your hearing, it is your responsibility to continue to see the doctor and provide medical records to the SSA. This was not the case during your initial application and reconsideration. During your initial application and reconsideration, the DDS made medical records requests from all the doctors you give them. For your hearing, you must obtain medical evidence to further support your case.

For more on ALJ Disability Hearings, please watch the following video:  HEARING VIDEO.

If you have been denied your benefits or are experiencing difficulty with the application process, please contact our Boise Social Security Attorney firm by calling 208-888-8882.