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Unemployment Benefits

Our Boise Social Security Disability Lawyers are experts on disability. In order to receive unemployment, you must certify that you are not disabled. If you file for unemployment at any point during the application process, you can create a substantial obstacle to your receiving Social Security Disability benefits.  While officially Social Security will not deny you simply because you received unemployment during the period of time you are claiming you were disabled, Social Security judges don’t like to see “double-dipping”.

Boise Social Security Disability Lawyers - Can I Still Get Unemployment?In addition, your credibility is your most important asset when you are applying for disability.  So much of your claim is based on things like pain and physical and mental limitations that can not be measures objectively, that your word about your pain and other limitations must be believed by the ALJ in order for you to be found disabled.  So the ALJ will look for things that indicate whether you are credible or not.  If you told a state agency that you were able to work so that you could collect unemployment and then tell the judge that you were disabled during that same time period so that you can collect unemployment, the judge see that as an indication that you are not entirely credible. Contact our Social Security Disability Lawyers for questions or help in determining your eligibility.

But the fact remains that you are not disabled until Social Security finds you are, and you may find that you never qualify for disability.  If that is the case, you have lost out on unemployment benefits.  One possibility is to notify the folks at the Idaho Department of Labor that you suffer from serious limitations and are applying for disability but have not yet been found disabled.  They may tell you that you may still collect unemployment while you await a decision regarding your disability.  If you can, notify them in writing and get a written response back that you can show to the Social Security judge.


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