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Should I Work?

Boise Social Security Disability Lawyers CoupleOur Boise social security disability lawyers understand that Most people who are applying for Social Security Disability benefits have a long history of working hard. They would rather be working and bringing home a paycheck than applying for disability. But if you are applying for disability, working can create a significant obstacle to your receiving benefits, so you should consult a knowledgeable social security disability lawyer to get some important guidance.

Many try to work a limited amount. This is okay within certain limits.  If you make too much money, over what is considered ‘Substantial Gainful Activity’, you will not be eligible for Social Security Disability.  Even if your work is below the Substantial Gainful Activity level, if you make enough money and work enough hours, a Social Security judge may feel that if you just worked a few more hours a week, your work could qualify as Substantial Gainful Activity, so the ALJ will deny your claim for Social Security Disability.

Some individuals may even try to work full time. If they are successful, they will simply withdraw their application for disability. If they fail after a short period of time, Social Security considers this a “failed work attempt” and will allow an applicant an attempt at working without such attempt affecting their Social Security Disability application. Such a failed attempt may even be considered evidence of the genuine nature of your disability, and Social Security judges like to see evidence that you have tried, even if you fail.

Whether it is a good idea for your to work even part-time during your Social Security Disability application process depends in some measure upon the strength of your medical evidence.  If you have significant objective evidence that clearly and persuasively demonstrates your limitations, you may be able to work some without it endangering your chances for disability.  Because working can have such a dramatic impact on your Social Security Disability application, you should discuss your specific situation with a knowledgeable Social Security Disability attorney.

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