Your hearing is your best chance to get approved for disability benefits. Only about 30% of applicants are approved at the initial level. But most people we help get approved.

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We are advocates for the disabled. We work hard to get your hearing quickly and win your benefits. Ask how a dire needs request or on-the-record decision could speed your case along.

Boise Social Security Attorney Firm - Getting StartedIf you think you may qualify for social security benefits, you should get started right away. You can follow these three steps to begin the process. A Boise Social Security Attorney is available to assist you during any of these steps.

Step One:

The first step is filing an application. Before you start, make sure you have all of the information on the checklist HERE.  There are three ways to access an application:

  1. If you are applying for SSDI ONLY you may apply online at Apply For Disability Online.
  2. If you are applying for SSDI and/or SSI  you MUST call Social Security at the number below or you may call one of the local numbers under option 3 below.  (you will want to do this if you don’t know  if you have enough work credits, i.e. you have not worked 5 of the last 10 years).  You can call SSA and request an application:
  • The SSA phone number is:  800-772-1213.
  • If you are deaf or hard of hearing, try this number:  800-325-0778.
  1. You may go to a local SSA office and a representative will help you. Here are some local offices, if you don’t find yours below, click HERE:


1118 South Kimball Ave.
Caldwell, Idaho 83605


1249 S. Vinnell Way, Ste.101,
Boise, Idaho 83709
(208) 321-2900

Twin Falls:

1437 Fillmore
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
(866) 748-2087

Idaho Falls:

825 Shoup Ave,
Idaho Falls, Iaho 83402
(208) 522-7516


861 Jefferson Ave.
Pocatello, Idaho 83201

National Toll-Free 1-800-772-1213

You should file an application as soon as possible. The process can take some time, and we know you are in need of financial assistance. You can fill out the application yourself, but our Boise Social Security Attorney firm can help you fill out the application if you have questions.

Step Two:

Once you submit an application, the second step is to submit an application to Idaho Medicaid. This way, if the SSA determines you are eligible for Supplemental Security Income, you can also begin to receive Medicaid immediately, which will help pay your medical expenses.

Step Three:

After your application for disability is submitted, and you complete your Idaho Medicaid application, you can contact the doctors, hospitals, and clinics you listed on your application. During your initial application, the Disability Determination Service (DDS) will request medical records from all of the doctors and facilities that you have received medical treatment from since the date you allege you first became disabled. It is important that you provide them with a complete list of doctors and clinics you have visited. You may want to contact those doctors who have been most helpful to you and let them know that Social Security will be sending them a request for medical records and encourage them to be helpful.

Once you complete these three steps, here is some important information:

Disability Determination Services

After you file your application, your local SSA office will determine if you meet the non-medical criteria for disability determination. If you do, your completed application will be sent to Disability Determination Services (DDS). The DDS will review your application and determine your eligibility based on your medical records.

Claims Examiner:

Social Security Attorney for Boise, ID - JusticeDuring this time, a Claims Examiner from your local SSA office will be assigned to your case. The Claims Examiner can answer questions about your application and the determination process, but he or she cannot answer medical questions specifically. If you have specific medical questions, a Medical Consultant, who assesses the medical aspects of your case, may be able to help. The Claims Examiner will, however, request additional medical records if needed. So if you have concerns during this time, you may call or visit your Claims Examiner in your local office.

While You Are Waiting:

While the DDS reviews your application, there are several things you can continue to do.

First of all, keep visiting the doctor like you normally do. The SSA wants up-to-date medical records. Our Social Security Attorney firm understands that medical care can be expensive, but there are some low cost options in Idaho. See the Low Cost Medical Care link on the homepage for information about a low cost medical clinic in your city.

Second, if you are working, you do not necessarily need to stop. Just because you are able to work several hours a week does not mean you will not qualify for disability. And we know you need financial assistance during this time. There is a limit on how much you can earn, however, so our Boise Social Security Attorney firm will help you evaluate your employment and earnings situation.