Your hearing is your best chance to get approved for disability benefits. Only about 30% of applicants are approved at the initial level. But most people we help get approved.

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Waiting Periods

You will find that applying for Social Security disability can be a lenghty process.  There are three basic levels for an application:  the Initial Claim, the Reconsideration, and the Hearing.  There are waiting periods for each of these levels:

Initial Claim: Plan to wait 60 to 120 days for the decision on your Intial Claim.

Reconsideration:  If you are denied on your initial claim, you will need to file an appeal called a Reconsideration.  Plan to wait 60 to 90 days for the decision on your Reconsideration.

Hearing:  If you are denied your Reconsideration, you will need to ask for a hearing before an administrative law judge.  Plan to wait 14 to 18 months for a hearing.