Your hearing is your best chance to get approved for disability benefits. Only about 30% of applicants are approved at the initial level. But most people we help get approved.

We offer a free consultation with an expert Social Security attorney. Simply complete the online form or call the number below. Get your Social Security Disability questions answered.

We are advocates for the disabled. We work hard to get your hearing quickly and win your benefits. Ask how a dire needs request or on-the-record decision could speed your case along.

Dire Need Cases

              Applying for disability benefits can be a long and difficult process. Some applicants find that their financial or medical situation deteriorates significantly while they are waiting for a hearing. Social Security understands that there are situations where an applicant may be in dire need of benefits. 

            You should understand that most people in need of disability benefits are struggling financially and with health issues, so Social Security places a high threshold on what they consider dire need.

            If you are in dire need of assistance, our social security experts can draft a dire need memorandum and make sure Social Security is aware of your circumstances. Sometimes this is all that is needed to get the hearing office to issue an on the record decision in your favor.

                If you are in dire need of disability benefits, contact one of our advocates for the disabled for a free consultation today by filling out the contact form to the left!

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